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October 19 (sat)

Kosaka Chu Magic Band 2019 /  Sheena & The Rokkets / Tamikrest / Steinar Raknes Dos Orientales / Myahk Song Book -Tinbow Ensemble- / Hamaguchi Yuji
Rei × Senga Taro(MONSTER TAI-RIKU)  / Afropolitan the band / Nishimura Kent

October 20 (sun)

Flor de Toloache / 3MA
Amamiaynu(Asazaki Ikue + OKI + KAPIW & APAPPO + Rekpo)
J.LaMotta Suzume / Saito Keito + Axel Zwingenberger / Tokyo Chutei-iki
Sakaki Mango / Hamaguchi Yuji / The Kota Oe Band / Juana Molina -Quiet Versions-
Coelho & Ridnell

October 19 (sat)


Kosaka Chu Magic Band 2019

 - Chu is the possessor of an amazing soulful voice, and has been a favourite of aficionados since his early days in the 1970s. His 1975 album “Horo” is a little-known classic of the era. He will be backed up by an all-star group for this gig.


Steinar Raknes

a Norwegian double bass player coming out of a jazz background, but performing solo with a loop pedal, and singing mainly Americana-styled songs in his deep, slightly Waitsian voice


Hamaguchi Yuji 

- an excellent acoustic guitar player from Japan’s ‘deep south’ of Wakayama, Yuji has been a feature of every Live Magic to date, playing in a variety of styles from bottleneck blues to Eric Satie to fingerpicked folk and more.


Nishimura Kent

- Kent is from Osaka, and at the tender age of 16 already has three albums under his belt, as an acoustic guitar player who has a particular liking for rock and soul of the 1970s, which he renders in a style that mixes picking, strumming and tapping.


Sheena & The Rokkets

- a veteran Japanese rock & roll band from Fukuoka whose lead singer Sheena passed away a few years ago, but who still rock on under the leadership of bluesy guitarist Makoto Ayukawa. 


Dos Orientales

- Uruguayan keyboard wiz Hugo Fattoruso, a master of latin and jazz genres, and his Japanese percussionist partner Yahiro Tomohiro


Rei × Senga Taro(MONSTER TAI-RIKU)

- a young female singer-songwriter who is also a formidable blues guitar talent. She will be doing a special set for Live Magic with Senga Taro, Japan’s best young blues harp player.



- a ‘desert-blues’ band from Algeria, in the style of the groundbreaking Tinariwen, but with slightly more rock-leaning guitar.


Myahk Song Book - Tinbow Ensemble

- this unique unit features three female singers of the distinctive folk style of Miyako-jima in Okinawa, along with a young sax player also from Miyako, and bassist Matsunaga Seigo from Fukuoka.


Afropolitan the band 

-  4 musicians from West Africa (Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso), all resident in Japan, come together with a wide array of instruments and stimulate the ears and the hips.

October 20 (sun)

Flor de Toloache

- This group of five Latina women based in New York play their own unique brand of Mexican mariachi music with influences from other latin styles and reggae, using the traditional instrumentation of violin, vihuela (Mexican guitar), guitarron (acoustic bass guitar), and trumpets, along with great vocal harmonies. Very cool!


J. LaMotta Suzume

- a young female Israeli singer based in Berlin, working in a neo-soul style influenced by hip hop and jazz, with a sound all her own.


Sakaki Mango

- this musician from Kagoshima in the south of Kyushu specialises in the various African instruments generally known as ‘thumb pianos.’ Recently he has started working solo with a loop pedal, layering sounds that combine African with indigenous Japanese.



- three string-instrument masters: Driss El Maloumi on oud, Ballake Cissoko on kora, and Rajery on Valiha, respectively from Maroc (Morocco), Mali and Madagascar, hence the group name.

斎藤圭土 + Axel Zwingenberge_A写.jpg

Saito Keito & Axel Zwingenberger

- two excellent boogie-woogie piano players, one young Japanese and one older German, pounding the 88s in the time-honoured style, both solo and in duet.


Hamaguchi Yuji 

- an excellent acoustic guitar player from Japan’s ‘deep south’ of Wakayama, Yuji has been a feature of every Live Magic to date, playing in a variety of styles from bottleneck blues to Eric Satie to fingerpicked folk and more.


Amamiaynu (Asazaki Ikue + Oki + Kapiw & Apappo + Rekpo) 

- veteran female folk singer Asazaki Ikue from Amami (between mainland Japan and Okinawa) collaborates with Ainu singers and Oki, the Ainu musician already known for his many appearances at festivals worlwide.


Tokyo Chutei-iki

-  literally ‘Tokyo mid-low-range’, this group comprises 10 baritone sax players, performing well-arranged songs.


The Kota Oe Band

The Kota Oe Band - a four piece young group in the jamband style, whose guitarist leader Kota Oe is a devotee of the style pioneered by Derek Trucks.

1 day tickets: ¥12,000
2 day passes: ¥21,000

Children up to 12 free

Children over 12 and accredited students: ¥9,000 (1 day), ¥15,000 (2 days).

Tickets available through Pia / Lawson / e+ (Japanese only) / Rakuten (bad English instructions)


Ebisu Garden Hall / Ebisu Garden Room

(4-20, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Access by train

Yebisu Garden Place is a 5-minute walk from the east exit of Ebisu Station (JR Yamanote Line) or 7 minutes from exit #1 of Ebisu Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line).

There is a moving walkway from the 3rd floor of the Atre building above the station, which will take you all the way to Yebisu Garden Place.



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